It’s been a while since I had some recommendations for you people. Let me break the jinx  by giving a beautiful movie suggestion.

Movie Name : Fatherhood (2021)

I had been watching docuseries as well as some drama series, and this title got my attention. I was not sure whether to watch it or not, so I took the decision to break that comfort zone, like we know that comfort zones are comfortable but won’t help us grow.

Am overwhelmed, that is the exact feeling I am having after completing this film. It has come to my notice that, if we put a comedian in a character role they are going to make you cry, they have this talent of making us believe that they are the character and they are captured as they live that character.  This film has got everything, you will feel that your pains and suffering are nothing, there are even worst case scenarios out there in this beautiful world.

This one will surely inspire you, life has to move on no matter how tough it gets, no matter how many of your friends stick to you or departed at the point exactly when we thought they will never leave you. Life keeps us testing now and then, by snatching people out of our life, then from that blankness we start to draw new routes, to make our life scroll up and down, till we are laid to rest. 

Be kind, try to be honest with yourself, we never know when the final good-bye will come! Until then let us all live our lives to the fullest.