If you are really interested in knowing what is happening in the conflict zone, this book is one great source to begin with. The book is so revealing and you will be shocked to read that Hamas (the bloody terrorist organization) treats their own people worst than the Israel. 

I can write it down that even if Jews (am quoting, this may never happen) leaves and the so called radicals get hold of the land, there still would not be peace, you know they still fight one another, there are so many factions that could disrupt the peace forever. 

If you look at Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, you will find that they are killing their own people, the factions doesn’t care, the irony is Muslims are being victimised and killed by their own people. 

Take any conflict zones these radicals who doesn’t know about the religion keeps sucking the blood of common people. Look at Gaza their leaders are leading woman and kids to dead, since 1948. That will be the case in any part of the world if these radicals gains power (which they will never) 

The point is it is always better to understand and form your opinion than letting some religious clerics control you and use you for their vested interest. 

Hamas is still using Kids & Women as human shield. But as I said they don’t care about the people, all they want is power to abuse and live a wild life. 

Hamas is in pathetic situation because now Israel got a lot of Palestine people infiltrated into Hamas to provide inside information. They will be dismantled soon. If we take out Hamas there is always Peace in the region. 
Also don’t identify every Muslim with Hamas or any other radical organization. These radicals don’t operate based on any religion, they take shelter under the religion, like they use women and children as body shield. 

Thank you!