Farmers Genocide

Are we committing one for many many decades?

Last year 45 farmers died everyday not because they couldn’t cultivate anything, they died because they grown record crops and they got pittance. The middlemen they cream the profit. They would lend money to these farmers for basic needs at an exorbitant rate of interest, resulting farmers get buried under an interest burden impossible to payback.

The real farmer never came to Delhi!

Farmer’s protest started in the Aug 2020. Last June to November (Rice) we saw a record production of 144.5 mio ton. Prior to that season rice was 143.0 mio. Now, Punjab’s contribution to rice production is between 25-30 %. Well now let us focus on attention to Rabi season which clocks from November to May, which is happening right now in the middle of farmer’s protest. Rabi sowing is 10% higher than the last year. While one quarter of the million farmers was converging at the Delhi borders (they aren’t normal farmers). Anyone who can stay longer in winter has to be well settled or financed by some vested interest. While these so called farmers were protesting India’s farms were producing record Rabi crop, what is happening, Miracle? If our farms can produce record crops without these ‘protesting farmers’ either we have invented an automation of farming to replace the farmers or they weren’t farmers at all. If automation is true then we finally hit upon the answer to solve the hunger and to feed the population not only national level but worldwide.

The point is the actual ones are sweating it out in the farms without getting a reasonable return for their effort. The reason for the bumper crops this season is because the real farmers never came to Delhi to protest. While the real ones works their backs off in their farms and the one who exploits the real farmers (Middlemen) are having a kitty party in Delhi.

The real farmers of India will never attack the police force; they will never disrespect the Indian Flag!