Why specific food? Why touching is prohibited?

What is happening during a ##########? Within an atom the electron gets knocked off, when the electron leaves the outer orbit, that particular atom becomes free radical. These free radicals was known to cause lots of damages at cellular level, excess of the same causes aging, various other diseases including cancer. Now the way to tackle these free radicals is by supplying antioxidant (something that can contribute an electron to a free radical and stabilizes the one which has become a free radical at the same time antioxidant doesn’t become a free radical itself. If the process gets unchecked that is there aren’t enough antioxidant to tackle there free radicals end results will be oxidative stress.

In normal cases this situation is addressed by the natural things in our system such as saliva for instance, has natural antioxidant properties. In a woman’s body the hormone called estrogen play a pivotal role in balancing the oxidative stress. During menstruation the estrogen level is absolute low. Also the loss of blood, RBC adds to the stress. During the period menstruation body goes into a condition where its immunity is compromised and the body doesn’t have the natural mechanism to cope with.

That is the reason behind the specific food that is been prescribed to supplements the situation with high antioxidant.

Now coming to the point why we should not touch a menstruating woman.

While atom loses an electron it has a tendency to borrow an electron from neighboring atom, so when someone comes and touches a menstruating woman, the positively charged ions, tends to borrow from the person touching her body. Which will trigger the oxidizing process in the person’s body that had just touched her (electron transfer between biological systems), this phenomenon address the issue of why it is restricted to eat from metal utensils.

Okay the point is never mock or makes fun of our native knowledge which has been passed to us through the generation, there is no nonsense, and in fact they are treasures of deep knowledge. If entrance to Shabarimala or any other temples is been restricted, trust me it’s not to make a particular gender feel inferior or superior but, it has various significances which is why it has been designed that way. Yes I agree, some jokers bring derogatory to our treasures of knowledge which is surviving the test of time, only because they intercept it in completely wrong way. Let us be more proud to be part of a civilization which had contributed to humanity, which has a significant role in keeping the wheel turning even today. We should re tell, burry ourselves in these ancient wisdoms and keep the discussions going about the culture and inventions that we are part of, it’s time to boast about our civilizations. To begin with Keezhadi excavation and many other wonders of our great Planet. Are you game?  

   PS: Inventions have no religion; if you need one then Science itself is a religion.