So, here we are getting to the slog overs of 2020, the year none of us going to take lightly or forget for sure. Like so many other years we gained some new friends we said byes to a few! Let’s hope that everything is connected, when I say this, it brings back the memories from THE DARK (German Tele Series which have blown my mind) the best time travel series I have ever experienced. Then Chris Nolan came up with TENET, I guess if you have attended all of his other films you will understand the last instalment for sure! and I wish he direct a James Bond series with his touch! My Christmas wish !

Okay the years of self quarantine was the year of no book buying, and from next year onward I will be strolling those haven, the only place I get connected, the place which stacks the second hand dreams, the used books shops! having said that, it was or still a ritual to update my blog with top 10 magics that I had encountered through out the year, so here is the list, I would love to know your list too, comment boxes are open, do drop in your suggestions, the book that made you laugh, cry and go crazy!

Thanks for everyone, who are still sticking to my weirdness, without judging me and giving me that special place in your time space. wishing everyone a fabulous holiday season, oh yeah don’t miss DASH & LILLY!!

See you all next year, Hopefully, times are unpredictable. Until we meet again, read, write and most important of all, be KIND!