There were lots of families, waiting for their turns to get an entry; we also waited for our turn…


“Hello Sweetheart, well, come back! And congrats for the successful completion of the mission”

I looked at the snow white beard man, sitting comfortably on the dinning chair; he was offering a seat for me to join in his lavish breakfast. I looked confused, was it a dream? I looked around, am in an atmosphere of which I had only heard and never ever seen before, well, technically I saw it now. 

“It’s okay, it will take some time to digest and realize what had happened, you are attached to the past memories, once you take the  medicines and have the sleep, everything will be perfect, you will be back to normal state, trust me.” taking a bite from the green apple, Said the beard man. There were smokes all around.


Over there, I can see the smokes, it look like someone is blowing a giant cigar, but the difference was each smoke got emitted after a deafening explosion, occasionally the floor vibrated too. I was playing with my teddy doll; I can hear my dad calling my name loudly. By the time I turned around, I was picked by my dad in his arm. It was something like a vulture hijacking its prey. Holding teddy tightly I stretched my arms and enjoyed the flight. I could hear mom crying, dad was asking the driver that can he increase the speed of the vehicle; we needed to be on the dock on time. He was telling himself that we could not afford to miss this chance. My little sister was sleeping in my mom’s lap. I looked at teddy and winked, we are going to dock, that means we will see lots of ships, or ferries.

At the dock there were lots of families, waiting for their turns to get into the ferry, we also waited for our turn. I was wondering why all of them, including my parents, was not so joyful at this vacation? We will be set for a journey into the blue sea, into a different world, a lot of open skies and lots of stars, I love star gazing. The line was moving so quick, we completed the check and we are in the ferry now, I was excited, also made plans to write about the trip and share it with my friends at school. Stars were twinkling at me, I winked back, I love the stars, they are visible at the darkest hours to keep the sky lit up with sprinkles of hope.


In the radar there was some invasions charted, the green dots was moving  into the country’s  water territory and anything crosses the international  waters has to be destroyed at sea, and hidden away from the global media forever. The technical crew updated the latest to the captain in turn he approved to launch something into the dark, targeting the ferries on international waters, which was loaded with the women and the children, who were in verge of importune to other nations, who could accept them with some dignity.


“Why are you staring at me like that, relax kid, am not the serpent and because I ate this forbidden apple that doesn’t mean am human either.” Said the Snow white beard man. I was perplexed, I didn’t responded. I was not sure of this weird place, and the man.  “Come here, kido” he gave a palm let sort of thing, by touch of my finger, the screen came into life, its projected  a picture, of a girl running into the view point of the camera, which goes viral and bring an end to the war, next picture was of a boy who was badly injured and complaining to the doctor and people surrounded him, stating he will be protesting to God about how we humans are massacring kids in the name of war, then came a very familiar picture of a kid who was washed to seashore of some neighboring nation. He was actually washed into a surface, where the picture perfect shot cannot be taken, so the person took him to a more scenic place of the same seashore and took an amazing shot of his corpses, and the same picture went viral and convened most of the nations to provide funds or shelters. I was that kid who was lying on the salt waters, which was pushing me to the shore in an urge to save my life, but here I am already in a place called safe haven.

PS: Dedicated to those angels who appear in the midst of chaotic wars and political unrest, to take the pain and gave us an opportunity to realize and reconcile that what we are doing is completely inhuman. If this madness is continued for a while, those who in race to conquer the world will be ending up conquering a world of carcass, most of them will be of these angels called children.