I love random people, the reason, well they cross my thoughts each day and leave a constant reminder of you, yes you do exist through those unknown people, from side to side  of their words and gestures. The other day I saw someone, who was offering biscuits to the homeless as well as a puppy, in no time; my mind screen ran that image of yours, with a smile. I get the glimpses of your fragrances even today when I walk across the same street, which had been dramatically changed and had finally given up for ‘developments’.

      That’s why I love random people; they act as a reminder, the triggering points to our memories launching pads. Despite the fact that they are long gone, drifted off from our orbit, and they are no longer inside our communication sphere, they come back strongly into our thoughts from the well preserved bags of memories, they come to us like the bubbles sprinkling joy.

       These very moments when we are struck by the memories, pain becomes sweet. I have also observed, memories are sweeter than the actual events, the one that created those memories. Each Day, hour, minutes ticks away, by making me sentient that those moments are not going anywhere, they just evaporate into the chimney of time and are stored in perfect batches of reminiscences. And these memories are the devices which we use to safeguard our special moments. These very recollections anchor our hope to meet again, and accrue some more of them, to cherish and relive forever.

       So, make sure, we all make good memories for each other, the kind of one people love to cherish, like the kids relish from a Popsicle or a cotton candy. One definite thing about life is that we all will be memories someday, let us try to be the best one, so that even we are gone, we will continue to live in someone’s thought. Next time when you find me looking at you (a random person), I am not actually looking at you, am looking for that missing persons or memories and that’s why I love random people.