“It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.”

That is how my favorite Dickens begins his famous Historic Fictional novel.  And so isn’t it a relevant quotes that will keep us navigate for the coming days?

 It is best of times, because we are in house arrest with all of, if not most of our family members. What all crazy stuff we had tried and what all memories been generated and collected in our mixed colorful bags of emotions. It is the best time to reflect ourselves, to identify what truly matters, what doesn’t.

In our hunter-gatherer days, being surrounded by others increased chances of survival.   And today we are surrounded by our loved ones, aren’t we surviving in a much better way? Board games are crying out to leave them in the corners where it had been collecting dust.  The experimental cooks are taking over our kitchens in the name of giving a break for the super women (in most of the cases, hats off to the male chiefs too), and we the one who holding the plates in anticipation that may it turn out to be good, and asks questions like, oh Sambar could taste like this too uh?  Isn’t the rice under cooked? Please don’t say that is my favorite Idiappam which is now looking like a stairwell after an earthquake. Cleaning volunteers are invading our rooms, they are taking to the nooks and corners of room, which otherwise wouldn’t had met with brooms and water sometimes. And yes those whatsapp calls, where granny complaints about your growing beard, some of them are discovering the possibility of video calls and they approve it is okay not to frequent native, because now they can fix a call with their daughters and granddaughters and sons. Even some tried the in house version of samoosa, which turned out to be a crossover of some Moroccan dish whose name I couldn’t recall, but I must admit it tasted like samoosa, I closed my eyes and took the bits, the power of imagination served the purpose!

It was or surely is one of the bad times, like we are stuck in our houses, the medical team, the police forces and the essential goods and services are battling it out, they too have their families staying home.  Yes we will be slipping down in the growth curves, but it is not only with you, all of us are in that downfall, we will survive it together.   

I hope you are doing just fine. As always my request will be to be kind, be positive and most importantly keep reading, words can open up the possibilities to the new horizons!

Until next time, leaving you with the following recommends!

Asur, Freud & Panchayat, these are the series I would like you to give it a try! Well and a movie recommend would be 6 undergrounds, I warn you guys watch this if only you are a dead pool & Ryan Reynolds like me!