The following is the unedited thoughts; inspired from the quote below.


Because they don’t leave us,

Yes some of them may break our heart

But they never leave you, no matter what.

Some of them become a part of you

Some keep you in the bench

Like those benches at the railway stations

At the wintry or that rainy nights

The benches which had witnessed

The silent departures,

The happiest reunion

When you complete a book

It imbibe your soul,

It trades your heart

For the secret it had shared with you.

Then with that infected thought

You look for someone to share,

To explode. Peace.

You look at the book

Then at the clock

You make up your mind

To let the words conjure you

You pick the book


Are better than people

And those who argue

Validate the statement

They are better than people.

Okay! Now, I would like to share a movie. Whenever we are in doubt, or fall of the hook, something magical happens, like a book, a film or a person appears from the black hole and put you back on track to pursue the dream by protecting it. This one goes into such list.  Truly inspirational!

Movie : And The Oscar Goes To…

Language: Malayalam

Until we meet again, keep reading, writing and most importantly Be KIND!