We will get the magnitude of the issues when there is no water as we turn on the tap, no electricity when we try to iron our clothes, and no food on the plate lying on our dining tables.  The water scarcity faced by the rural population is either headlines that seldom catches our attentions or a topic being discussed infinitely, without even attempting to look for a solution. We can point our fingers towards the politicians for keeping us blind-folded about the issues – the real ones happening in the rural sectors of our agricultural dominant nation.

While a wink gets a million likes and shares, while we mourn the natural death of a celebrity in a bath tub; the suicide committed by farmers slips our attention spans. And several of the protests, almost taken out on a daily basis, happening in front of the bureaucrats offices failed to grab the attention of the urban class. But this time, they planned it such a way, where not only did they find the answers for the posed questions but also sent a message to the governments, that this languid approach of doing politics will lead to digging of their own graves by the mentioned political parties.

These farmers walked 180 km, a number estimate of 20000 of them, over a period of six days. By the time they reached Mumbai, the strength had grown to 30000. The noble decision to walk only during night time, so that their march won’t impinge on the students who were taking their board exams, invokes sentiment among the residence of Mumbai city. They even provided water and food to these peaceful protestors, and the public pressure made the government give up in favor of these farmers.

Whenever the government announces any waiver off on farmer’s loans, we tend to have a good opinion on that government, but we should know these governments are acting as a middlemen between us, the tax payers and the farmers, to provide a relief from the fund generated from the tax collections. We should also note that it is not from any political parties funds these wavier are addressed. Now, once these reliefs are announced and boasted through various media, the same media fail to bring us the end result. No effort is made to see whether the relief had been carried out in a respectful manner without any foul plays.

And we must know that sometimes these waivers are been rejoiced by the “RICH FARMERS” but it fails to reach the intended farmers who are ending lives for the justice delayed. Ours is a nation if the crime is huge you can get away but if you fail to pay one EMI you will be haunted for your life, respect to banks who make sure these farmers end up in graves as they fail to repay while they grant high volumes of loans without even checking the collateral they attach.

We must also know that these waivers done on by governments are not a charity given to the farmers. Don’t get into that impression ever, let me explain why. Two things, let me say if the farmer sells his produce say for 4 rupees, when this product reaches our market it get charged say 12 rupees. This price is inflated by the middlemen, if government had a proper study and put some apparatus to deal with these middlemen and make sure farmer get more from the final price, he, the farmers will be in a better position to tackle the ghost of EMI. The second point is, if the government stops importing items (just for getting financial benefits) which are otherwise available, it would definitely empower the local farmers to be confident and produce more. So, these waivers must be regarded as a payback for the loss generated by the policies of the governments.

Another ploy they, the government, adopts is ‘Women Power,’ giving preference to women. So, they give preference in waiving off the loans, but the reality and the known fact too is, large portion of these loans are taken by men in the family. So in effect, they are not clearing the promise they had put forth.

This long March protest really found its purpose. The government agreed to expand waiver from the earlier caps of 2009-2016 by including 2001-2009 and 2016 to June 2017. And also the beneficiary of this scheme had been changed to family from individual account holder. Now this is a landmark protest in terms of the way it was carried out and the benefits they got from all this toiling effort. Life is promising and beautiful.

Another observation is that, this was organized by people who are close to left wing ideology.but Shiva Sena who are complete opposite to the lefts, they (Shiva Sena)  was in favor of this protest and raised their voice, to make things work. It tells a lot about what an urban class can do by pressurizing the politicians to make sure the counterpart rural get their rights.  That is the power of togetherness and every cloud has a silver lining. Future is bright!